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1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III - 005

My name is Clyde Bennett III, and I did not think I would be writing another blog entry. I feel so much different between the ears than I did the last time I wrote to you all. So much has happened over the last six months. Happiness, satisfaction, grief, confusion, love, heartbreak, friendship, self-assessment, praise and worship, disappointment – the whole nine. 


That said, I would be lying if I said the last six months of my life hasn't been amazing. There are just so many highs and lows during the maturation process. I’m trying to learn how to love the lows just as much as the highs. With that being said – thank you for reading the things that comes into my mind. Share this with your friends, family, and enemies if you like it. You can also share it if you don’t like it, so I look bad to your friends. 


Wow. My heart overflows with emotion thinking about the growth the store and the team have experienced over the Summer. It’s hard for me to explain how well Madison-USA is doing without sounding like a biased arrogant asshole, but the store is really doing well. Our ambition, transparency, and passion culminated in being 1 of 10 stores worldwide hand-picked by Tyler, The Creator to display and give out his limited-edition Golf Wang retrospective catalogue. You can also catch the artist, Cuco, wearing our apparel during his tour. Check out his song Lo Que Siento

With that being said, we have more work to do, and we aren’t even halfway to our end goal. I can only speak for myself, but I want Madison-USA to be around forever. I want my kids’ kids to shop at/on Madison-USA. What keeps me confident in the store and passionate about working there is the genuine family connection we have. I can go to Devon, Jenna, Seven, Zane, Cari, Jarrel, Lavelle, and Evan for anything, and they know they can for me. We will win this marathon.

Quick shoutout to Jarrel & Lavelle for steering the ship to the promised land – we have a long way to go but the team can see the light.

Madison-USA has big news coming weekly. Follow us on Instagram @madisonusa . Also! Everyone reading this needs to shop with me on Saturdays and Sundays at the store. I’ll be working on Christmas break too so don’t use class as an excuse! Joking, but yeah come chop it up with me and look at cool pieces. 

Graduate Hotels x Madison-USA 

On October 4th, we (Madison-USA) had an event at the Graduate Hotels in the Short North District. The Graduate Hotels specialize in collections of boutique design-driven hotels in university-anchored markets across the world. Our partnership with them included apparel, culinary experiences, and a F/W 19 showcase that highlighted Darryl Brown, the designer of Midwest Kids and Darryl Brown. The event was awesome. The first 50 people to come got free Madison-USA x Graduate hoodies and we had a line of about 80 before the doors opened. It is great to see our fanbase grow and to continue to build genuine connections with other creatives in the area. We thank you all that came! 


Timing is Everything

I just turned 21, and I’ve never felt busier. But I was not forced to work at Madison-USA, I was not forced to lead an organization in the Fisher College of Business, I was not forced to take more than 15 credit hours, I was not forced to try to fit a social life in between doing all that I need to do. I decided to do these things! When I get flustered, I remember the days when I woke up with nothing planned for the day. Those were the worst days. It’s a blessing to be busy. Push Through.

Over the last year, I (and I’m sure all of you) have encountered countless failures. Sometimes it feels like you’re never going to get back to your winning ways. I know the feeling. When I’m down about not getting a job I wanted, doing bad on an exam, or losing out on an extracurricular opportunity, I remember what my Mom told me following a shitty interview – “God’s timing is always perfect.” 

No one is perfect and everyone fails. The human that doesn’t fail, is a human that isn’t trying enough. A$ap Rocky failed on his song Babushka Boi, and he’s the closest thing to a perfect human we may ever see (sorry Emily Ratajkowski).

I’m in Two Netflix Originals and Got Paid Almost $0 For it. 

Do I care about being in either of them? No. Does my mother? Yes.

Point Blank

Netflix did a remake of an older movie called Point Blank. The movie was filmed in Cincinnati (which is actually a more common occurrence than one would expect). My friend’s mom told me I should send in some photos to be casted as an extra in the film. I got the role, and literally just played basketball in the background for 12 hours, 2 days straight. 

A year later, the movie came out and I have like 40 seconds of facetime lmao. Shit is crazy. Momma, I’m in a movie. Time - 1:06:10, 1:10: something.

I assumed no one would ever watch the movie through, let alone see me in it, but I received a text from one of my Freshman year professors saying, “So we just out here making movies now? Being extras in films? Is this what we’re doing now? LOL”. 

At Madison-USA’s event with Graduate Hotels, one of the workers said,”I know you, you’re that guy from that Netflix movie”. I thought she had the wrong guy but it turns out she was talking about me. Lol, crazy.

Travis Scott Documentary

I’m also seen stage-diving in Travis Scott’s documentary on Netflix. I thought this was actually cool, but I’ve definitely gotten over my psychotic stage jump from when I was 18 years old. I told my parents I was in the movie and my Dad responded, “Very cool. Just remember not to ever do that again.” Thanks for being my hype man Dad. Time: 27:06.

Real Friends

I used to pride myself on having a shit ton of friends, but as I’ve matured and grown, I’ve come to realize that I really only have 15 friends probably. 

Who can I go to when I need them? Who feels like they can come to me when they need me? One of the tell-tale signs of friendship is success. It’s important to realize who is in your corner (genuinely) when you thrive and are killing it, and who is in your corner supporting you when you aren’t killing it

There is no reason to be jealous of someone’s success. Instead, you should look in the mirror and figure out how you can get to that success also, whether that’s taking tips from your homie or someone else. 

Side note: I made a new friend this Summer. Shoutout to Guy. Isn’t that a dope name?


What I’m Wearing

If you were with me or saw me over the Summer (rare), you probably saw me in boots and vests. My Dad has worn cowboy boots, cool leather pieces, and rode motorcycles my whole life, so this style comes pretty natural to me. I definitely adore the style of Old Western times

Wearing boots, a lot, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing baggier denim. My Ksubi’s aren’t as comfortable with my boots, so if I’m wearing my boots I may differ to my APC, Bareknuckles, or Diesel jeans. The silhouette that a nice pair of boots and denim gives off, appeals to my fashion taste buds. “Cowboy Clyde” – Lavelle/Jarrel.


Above the waist, I’m normally going to be wearing a graphic tee, but as I’m getting older, I am trying to shift to more classic pieces. My sister gifted me an Off-White button down that I’ll definitely be rocking once it gets colder outside. You may catch me with more monochromatic shirts with no graphics on the front. Fashion is ever-changing, and so is my style. I also adore cool collared shirts and hoodies. Gifts are welcomed!

When I am dressing for comfort, I am quick to throw on my Madison-USA sweats and my Raf Simons Ozweegos, Suicokes, or AF1s. The Madison-USA sweats are just my shit man. Flame.

Also, Androgyny is cool.

What I’m Listening To

(Now playing: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes)

I thoroughly enjoyed Kanye West’s album…I hope that’s okay with you. Honestly, the album was just so fire to me. Not only is Kanye saying positive things on this album, but it actually sounds good, has good beats, and is pleasing to the ears. If you take the music out of the equation, I would still enjoy this album! Being a Christian man, I am here for any celebrity that is genuinely spreading the power of the Lord our God! We shall praise him.


A$AP Rocky’s classic song, Fine Whine. I am on the verge of tears every time I listen to this song. The chorus penetrates your soul, whispering into your ears, “This love, this love, this love won’t last forever. This love, this love, this love gon own our eyes.” 

The Neighbourhood’s song, Livin’ in a Dream. The band actually came into the store earlier today (11/10). They have a show in Columbus tomorrow and have the day off and wanted to shop. It’s awesome when artists acknowledge your art (the store), and the two intersect. 

Jesse Rutherford, the lead singer, says, “Said ‘I love you’ too soon – Reach for the stars and I hit the moon – Now every time I look at you – feels like like déjà vu”. I love this song because it makes me realize that I am really living in a dream. Life has been amazing at times, and horrible at times, and I love it! I kinda want a girlfriend.

I’m starting to add every new song I hear and like to a playlist with the according month. For example, I just heard Roddy Rich’s song Boom Boom Room, so I’ll add it to my ‘12/19’ playlist (hi Dom). I think this will be a cool way to look back at prior months and see where I was in my life, mental state, and mood. It’ll be like my little music calendar.

Two of my co-workers (Devon & Evan), have gotten me hip to grime rap. When you hear grime rap, you probably think of guys like Skepta and Giggs, which is accurate, but there are even more fire grime rappers over in Europe. Grime is a genre of music that emerged in London in the early 21st century. It developed out of UK electronic music styles and takes influences from dancehall, ragga, and hip hop. 

Some songs to check out: 

Bet by Octavian

Stay With It by Skepta

the second verse of Lean 4 Real by Playboi Carti 

The ties between grime rap and fashion is also very interesting. I’ll leave that up to you guys to look deeper into that.

The End

Thank you all for reading - be blessed. Let me know how you guys feel about 1.3 Miles 005 in my DM’s, text messages, voicemail, email, all that. Best feedback gets any 1 piece from Madison-USA for FREE. Love <3.

Lol, the second to last sentence was a joke.  Thank you all again, and if you liked (or hated) this entry, share it with a friend. 

With love,


P.S.: Be on the lookout for our “Meet the Team” feature in the next couple of weeks.

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