Madison-USA - News 2020-06-05T12:00:00-04:00 Madison-USA 2020-06-05T12:00:00-04:00 2020-06-05T12:00:00-04:00 1.3 Miles With Clyde Bennett III - 007 Aisling O'Laoire The blog is going to look a bit different this time around. Let’s hop in.

A Day in the Life

I will preface this piece by giving you a little information about who I am. As you know, my name is Clyde Bennett III. I’m a 21-year-old African American male at The Ohio State University. I major in finance and minor in fashion and retail studies. Growing up, I went to a private grade school that consisted of 45% white students, 45% black students, and 10% other ethnicities.After grade school, I attended Cincinnati Country Day, a predominately white school in Indian Hill, Ohio. For most of my life I’ve lived in Mason, OH – a suburb north of downtown Cincinnati.

My parents worked hard to allow me to have such a diverse background. I can confidently say that I am well versed around the majority of people, because I have been around so many different kinds of people (race, religion, gender, etc.) My acquaintances and close friends have always been very diverse and still are to this day. I see others for who they are, no matter their outward countenance.

There have been three events over the past few months that have struck me personally. One, being the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, another being the death of George Floyd, and the last being the situation in Central Park involving a white woman and a black man.

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery was a 25-year-old African American male living in Georgia. He decided to go on a run. As he was running, Arbery was pursued and shot by two white men in a neighborhood street. A struggle ensued as Ahmaud Arbery realized he either had to fight for his life or die. Unfortunately, one of the men rattled off 3 shots into Arbery, leaving him to die in the street.

George Floyd was a 46-year-old African American male living in Minneapolis (the location of my now virtual internship). George didn’t live a rich or poor life. It seems he had an average current lifestyle and was happy with where he was at in life. During a routine arrest for allegedly forging a check, police claim that Floyd “resisted arrest”. The video that has come out shows otherwise. Once Floyd was taken to the ground, a white cop put his knee into the 46-year-old’s back and neck. George Floyd repeatedly stated that he “couldn’t breathe”, but his cries for help fell on deaf (racist) ears. He died in that Minneapolis street under the knee of an MPD officer. There were three other cops on the scene that did nothing to help George.

Christian Cooper is a 57-year-old African American male living in New York. Cooper is a prominent bird watcher in NYC, a Harvard graduate, and a board member of the New York City Audubon Society. While walking in Central Park around 8:00 am, Christian Cooper came across Amy Cooper (no relation), a woman walking her dog. In this particular part of Central Park, all dogs must be leashed. Mr. Cooper asked Amy Cooper to leash her dog, but she refused. Christian then decided to offer her dog a treat as he carries them for “such intransigence”. Mr. Cooper began recording the interaction on his iPhone. Amy Cooper asked him to stop filming her and then told him she will call the police and claim that she is being threatened by “an African American”. She is heard saying, “I am being threatened by an African America man in the Ramble, please send the cops immediately!” This woman even adds a shrill effect to her voice to make it sound like she is in massive danger. As this goes on, the camera keeps rolling. Christian Cooper’s sister posted the video afterwards, and it went viral.

What happened to George Floyd is what Amy Cooper hoped would happen to Christian Cooper. She used her white privilege as a weapon. She assured the police that she was being threatened by a black man specifically, when there was no threat at all. Ms. Cooper hoped that the cops would move quickly to detain and abuse a black man. Lucky for Mr. Cooper, he was filming. But what if he was not filming? What if his phone had died? Would he be under a police officer’s knee begging for his life?

These interactions scare me. I ask myself, “What can I do to assure that I do not become a victim of police brutality?” There is no answer. Ahmaud Arbery went for a jog. Something I have grown to enjoy during this quarantine. Am I not supposed to jog? George Floyd obeyed the police officers’ orders. I listen to police officers’ orders. Am I supposed to be pleading for my life? Christian Cooper is a college educated black man that enjoys walks in Central park. I personally love walking in Central Park. Is my life supposed to be threatened? It is a tough pill to swallow, but it has become apparent to me that you don’t have to do ANYTHING to die as an African American in this country. I may sound naïve for just realizing this after Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, etc. but that’s okay. I now see. What did these three black men do that I should avoid doing? Nothing. Am I next?

To be black in America is to be aware that your life is viewed as less valuable by some. It is very scary to think that we live next to the same people that hate and fear us. At times, it can feel like an unachievable battle. A month from now, people will forget about Ahmaud Arbery, but I won’t. I will remember him every time I see a police officer, every time I go for a jog, and every day I wake up. That’s a burden that some people just can’t understand, but us black men live with every day.

Why do people fear me? Because the color of my skin? I am a nice kid, from a great family, but the color of my skin throws that all out the window. Not every non-black person acts this way. I understand that and want to make that clear. I will not generalize a group of people for some’s actions, but I will acknowledge that racism is much more prevalent than many may believe. I love my country and I love human life, but we can all look into the mirror and ask ourselves what we can do to make the world a better place.

A message to people that are not African American: You should feel guilty if you agree with what occurred in these 3 interactions, or you don’t understand why those three situations are wrong. If you do not sympathize and are not outraged with what has been happening in our country to African Americans, then you are part of the problem. The shift from “I’m not racist” to “I Am anti-racist” must start now. You all should want to understand the African American perspective. We, African Americans, have had to understand other perspectives our whole lives. As an African American, the higher you go up in the world, the more you have to
understand other races ways of life and perspectives. So, is it really that tough to read up and ask your friends “Hey, what’s going on in the world and what can we do better?". Justice will not be served until those unaffected are as outraged as those who are! The proof is in the pudding. It’s time for a change and it will take all of us.

Malcolm X is quoted saying, “We believe that our problem is not one of civil rights but a violation of human rights. Not only are we denied the right to be a citizen in the United States – we are denied the right the be a human being.” Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965. His quote remains relevant in 2020.

I’ll end this piece with something that I have thought about for a while. Will America/groups of people ever love black people as much as they love black culture? How can one be scared to stand next to a black man on the street, but have a Lebron James jersey in their closet? How can one listen to Drake every day, but cross the street when a black man walks towards them?
What are you scared of? If you are going to consume black culture when it’s ‘cool’ to do so, consume it when it’s ‘hard’ as well. Speak up.

This is not white versus black. It is the world versus racism. You don’t have to be black to feel outraged. It’s not the oppressors place, to tell the oppressed how to react. Silence, condones violence.

As always, I welcome questions, retorts, comments, and perspectives. You can reach me on Instagram @clydebennettiii and Twitter @Clyde_Bennett. Black is beautiful. White is beautiful.

Latino is beautiful. Asian is beautiful. And the list goes on. Let us love.

Photography: Devon Pitts

]]> 2020-04-14T12:00:00-04:00 2020-04-14T12:00:00-04:00 1.3 Miles With Clyde Bennett III - 006 Aisling O'Laoire Hello and welcome. Thank you for reading what I write. I was ecstatic to hear that 1.3 Miles 005 got into the top 10% of all Shopify blog posts. There are over 500,000 active stores running on Shopify, and they have collectively driven more than 40 billion worth of sales. That said, this was a cool accomplishment. I could not accomplish this without the support of the readers, so I want to thank you all. 

Life Advice 

Over Winter break, I got some of the best advice I have ever gotten. I was expecting my life to go a certain way, on a certain timeline, and it wasn’t. I could not understand why things weren’t falling into place like I imagined they would. Sensing my confusion and frustration, Jarrel told me, “Don’t let someone or the world around you, convince you that your life should be on a specific timeline.” Considering our conversation was not very serious, I overlooked this advice for a while. About a week later I came back to what Rel had told me and thought about it. I immediately understood exactly what he was saying to me. It is easy for humans to look around and think that they should be in a different place than they are based upon their surroundings. It is easy for us to pressure ourselves to keep up with others. In reality, everyone’s story, journey, and life are different. Everyone’s journey to the “top” is different. Whether it’s your career progression, you and a significant other’s relationship, or your stage in life, the timeline your life embodies will vary person to person.


At a coffee shop downtown, an older man told me, “You can be the guy that tries to control exactly what happens in life or be the guy that controls what he can control and let everything else happen.” This man reminded me that at the end of the day, one can only control so much. No matter who you are, no matter how much power you have, you will still be surprised by life. The person that will be best off, is the person that controls what they can control and rides the bumps that life takes them through. I’ve learned you have to encounter speed bumps on the way to your end goal. Freaking out about things, will only prolong the recovery and learning process.  I take things day-by-day with the big picture in mind. I take the punches of life but do my best to stay on my feet and prepare for the next one.

Am I a Weirdo?

Something new has happened over the past few months. I will go out to familiar places, and feel like I do not fit in. Not in a bad way, but I feel like I am the odd man out, like I almost don’t belong. I attribute some of this to hanging around older people (my co-workers at Madison are 25 or older). The stuff that used to impress me, doesn’t impress me anymore, and I say that in the most modest way. Whether it’s a bar or a house party, some of these functions just don’t hit like they used to. I look around to see if anyone else feels the same way, and it looks like no one does lol. We should raise our taste levels. Reach into our pockets and go somewhere that you can wear your new white shoes without them getting trashed. 


We all know a gatekeeper…or two…or ten. Gatekeepers are the people that make you feel like you’re late, and they’ve been hip forever. I hate gatekeepers, because they prevent people from pursuing new interests, passions, or spaces. For example, a 20-year-old might want to get into fashion, but a gatekeeper would tell them “You’re just copying what I’m into. I’ve been into this for years, don’t try to get on fashion now.” In reality, there is never a bad time to get into something. Whether you become interested in something early or late, pursue it. I pride myself on never being scared to learn something. I am a life-long student.


I began working at Madison about 1.5 years ago. I can genuinely say that it is an honor to work at Madison-USA. It is important for me to be a part of a growth story. I have the opportunity to see a flower blossom in front of my eyes. If I compare where we were as a store a year ago to now, the growth is insane. If I compare where we were as a store two months ago to now, the growth is still insane. We continue to grow and grow due to having a strong core, great leaders, and people that have bought in. For me, it is not a question of if Madison-USA becomes a stalwart in the fashion industry, it is a question of when. Without that simple buy-in factor, you have nothing. Lucky for us, we have everything.

Our goal has been to ensure that our customers receive an “Out of this World” shopping experience. We want our customers to leave the store planning their next trip back into the store. Our customers are a part of us, and we want them to know that. I might show my love for our customers by explaining a new brand to them, helping them style an outfit, or just having a totally non-fashion conversation with them. Our supporters/fans/customers are our family, and we listen to what our family wants - >> We will be bringing in a slew of new brands throughout 2020. These brands include the likes of Kapital, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, and even more. We just got Common Projects in!

My role at Madison-USA is Sales and Brand Ambassador, but over the past month I have had the opportunity to model for the store a bit. My first shoot was for the new Full Court Press season we just got in (fire). My next shoots were for the new Sporty & Rich, our new Madison-USA Collegiate hoodie, and Groveland. It’s funny to see myself on Madison’s page modeling, but I enjoy it. It’s something that I am slowly getting better at. I guess you could call it a hobby. 

Check out our store when you get the chance. Earth -> 1219 N High Street. Internet ->

* It’s important to support businesses during this tough time. Shop with our store here. Everything on the website is 25% off at checkout, and we ship worldwide. We have kept busy shipping out and fulfilling online orders every day. We have more collections coming in as we speak. You all’s support means the world. Thank you. *

What I’ve Been Listening To

The music that has dropped in 2020 is solid. There hasn’t been an album that I was super excited for, that flopped. To simplify things, I’ll rank my top three albums of the year so far. 

  1. J Hus’ Big Conspiracy. To be frank, this album is just nuts. You can hear J Hus’ African roots in his UK music. His flow switches many times on this album and takes the listener through a whirlwind of feelings that include love, nostalgia, and aggression. The afrobeats/hip hop sounds in some of these songs are insane. Hus, you gained a fan in me. Favorite Song on Album: No Denying.

  1. Tame Impala’s Slow Rush. Kevin Parker made us wait five years for this album, and he did not disappoint. Melodic, woozy, gentle, and poppy, Tame Impala’s album takes you through all the trials and tribulations of your life. Kevin Parker has this way of taking my mind to the depths of darkness, and right back to when I fell in love for the first time. Speaking on the opening track, One More Year, Parker says, “We won’t be young forever, but we sure do live like it.” Touché Kevin…touché.  Favorite Song on Album: Is It True.

  1. Pop Smoke’s Meet the Woo 2. Pop. Smoke. This guy’s voice is a mix of 50 Cent, Jarule, and DMX. That might not sound like the healthiest mix, but I can assure you that upon listening to this album you will absolutely love it. Meet the Woo 2 comes out punching, and there’s no stopping. Pop Smoke’s album is a great way to remember him: flashy, smooth, aggressive, and fiery. Rest in Peace Bigg Papi Locsta. Favorite Song on Album: War.

  1. Honorable Mention: Theophilus London’s Bebey, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, Justin Bieber’s Changes, and Skepta-Chip-Young Adz ‘s Insomnia.

What I’m Wearing

I cannot put my style into a box. For the last few months I was wearing western style clothing, and I still do, but my interests have expanded a bit. I’ve come to terms with my style being in the works. I’ve made the decision to wear what I like and what looks good on me. If that doesn’t fit my specific style, then so be it. 

Denim was taking over the pants portion of my closet, so I made it a goal of mine to get a couple pairs of pants that were not denim. I’ve had an admiration for Rick Owens since I first got into fashion and had the opportunity to get my first pair of Rick pants in Miami this March. That price was high, but no one can convince me they were not worth it. I also copped a pair of Prada track pants which has boosted my morale. :D

Aren’t you all Prada me?

Thank You

Let me know how you guys feel about my latest blog. Feel free to text me, message me on Instagram, tweet at me, anything. If you read to this point, I love you, if you didn’t, I guess you’ll never get to see what I just wrote. Thank you all again, and I hope you enjoy this! If you like this blog as much as I do share it.

With Love,

Clyde Exotic 

Instagram: @clydebennettiii

Twitter: @Clyde_Bennett 

]]> 2020-02-11T13:24:00-05:00 2020-02-11T14:08:24-05:00 Emily Oberg’s New Vintage Devon Pitts Sporty –– & –– Rich

With the second month of 2020 already kicking off, the Madison-USA team is elated to welcome Sporty & Rich into our store. The New York-based lifestyle brand Sporty & Rich was founded in 2015 by the former creative lead for KITH Womens now turned brand consultant Emily Oberg. She aims to bring sustainability, thoughtful design and an emphasis on longevity over momentary relevance to the streetwear realm.



Health –– & –– Wellness

Sporty & Rich targets both men and women who appreciate a pleasing design and reliable quality. The brand attracts those who have a fondness for sportswear, vintage cars, beautiful interiors, and romantics. Oberg’s visual passion can be spotted via the beautifully curated Sporty & Rich Instagram page. This modern online gallery allows one to conjure a dreamlike lifestyle of seaside holidays, modern but comfortable scenes, and consciously selected pieces for each setting.  

Oberg envisions opening up luxury health clubs around the world in the near future. Tied to the brands ethos, these clubs will have a focus on personalized health, nutrition, skincare, beauty, recovery, fitness and longevity. 



The –– World –– & –– Mind

The products of Sporty & Rich are all produced through fair trade and are locally made in the United States (Los Angeles, CA). All products are environmentally conscious as this brand has a keen focus on minimal waste. Oberg has hand-picked the manufacturers that are devoted to sustainability and that pay fair wages. As an additional means to obtain the goal of reducing her environmental footprint, the Sporty & Rich collections are sold on a made-to-order basis. 



Madison – USA

Sporty & Rich is currently available in-store at our location. Stay up to date for future collections on the Madison-USA Instagram page. 

Author: Devon Pitts


]]> 2019-12-10T12:00:00-05:00 2019-12-10T12:00:00-05:00 1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III - 005 Clyde Bennett III My name is Clyde Bennett III, and I did not think I would be writing another blog entry. I feel so much different between the ears than I did the last time I wrote to you all. So much has happened over the last six months. Happiness, satisfaction, grief, confusion, love, heartbreak, friendship, self-assessment, praise and worship, disappointment – the whole nine. 


That said, I would be lying if I said the last six months of my life hasn't been amazing. There are just so many highs and lows during the maturation process. I’m trying to learn how to love the lows just as much as the highs. With that being said – thank you for reading the things that comes into my mind. Share this with your friends, family, and enemies if you like it. You can also share it if you don’t like it, so I look bad to your friends. 


Wow. My heart overflows with emotion thinking about the growth the store and the team have experienced over the Summer. It’s hard for me to explain how well Madison-USA is doing without sounding like a biased arrogant asshole, but the store is really doing well. Our ambition, transparency, and passion culminated in being 1 of 10 stores worldwide hand-picked by Tyler, The Creator to display and give out his limited-edition Golf Wang retrospective catalogue. You can also catch the artist, Cuco, wearing our apparel during his tour. Check out his song Lo Que Siento

With that being said, we have more work to do, and we aren’t even halfway to our end goal. I can only speak for myself, but I want Madison-USA to be around forever. I want my kids’ kids to shop at/on Madison-USA. What keeps me confident in the store and passionate about working there is the genuine family connection we have. I can go to Devon, Jenna, Seven, Zane, Cari, Jarrel, Lavelle, and Evan for anything, and they know they can for me. We will win this marathon.

Quick shoutout to Jarrel & Lavelle for steering the ship to the promised land – we have a long way to go but the team can see the light.

Madison-USA has big news coming weekly. Follow us on Instagram @madisonusa . Also! Everyone reading this needs to shop with me on Saturdays and Sundays at the store. I’ll be working on Christmas break too so don’t use class as an excuse! Joking, but yeah come chop it up with me and look at cool pieces. 

Graduate Hotels x Madison-USA 

On October 4th, we (Madison-USA) had an event at the Graduate Hotels in the Short North District. The Graduate Hotels specialize in collections of boutique design-driven hotels in university-anchored markets across the world. Our partnership with them included apparel, culinary experiences, and a F/W 19 showcase that highlighted Darryl Brown, the designer of Midwest Kids and Darryl Brown. The event was awesome. The first 50 people to come got free Madison-USA x Graduate hoodies and we had a line of about 80 before the doors opened. It is great to see our fanbase grow and to continue to build genuine connections with other creatives in the area. We thank you all that came! 


Timing is Everything

I just turned 21, and I’ve never felt busier. But I was not forced to work at Madison-USA, I was not forced to lead an organization in the Fisher College of Business, I was not forced to take more than 15 credit hours, I was not forced to try to fit a social life in between doing all that I need to do. I decided to do these things! When I get flustered, I remember the days when I woke up with nothing planned for the day. Those were the worst days. It’s a blessing to be busy. Push Through.

Over the last year, I (and I’m sure all of you) have encountered countless failures. Sometimes it feels like you’re never going to get back to your winning ways. I know the feeling. When I’m down about not getting a job I wanted, doing bad on an exam, or losing out on an extracurricular opportunity, I remember what my Mom told me following a shitty interview – “God’s timing is always perfect.” 

No one is perfect and everyone fails. The human that doesn’t fail, is a human that isn’t trying enough. A$ap Rocky failed on his song Babushka Boi, and he’s the closest thing to a perfect human we may ever see (sorry Emily Ratajkowski).

I’m in Two Netflix Originals and Got Paid Almost $0 For it. 

Do I care about being in either of them? No. Does my mother? Yes.

Point Blank

Netflix did a remake of an older movie called Point Blank. The movie was filmed in Cincinnati (which is actually a more common occurrence than one would expect). My friend’s mom told me I should send in some photos to be casted as an extra in the film. I got the role, and literally just played basketball in the background for 12 hours, 2 days straight. 

A year later, the movie came out and I have like 40 seconds of facetime lmao. Shit is crazy. Momma, I’m in a movie. Time - 1:06:10, 1:10: something.

I assumed no one would ever watch the movie through, let alone see me in it, but I received a text from one of my Freshman year professors saying, “So we just out here making movies now? Being extras in films? Is this what we’re doing now? LOL”. 

At Madison-USA’s event with Graduate Hotels, one of the workers said,”I know you, you’re that guy from that Netflix movie”. I thought she had the wrong guy but it turns out she was talking about me. Lol, crazy.

Travis Scott Documentary

I’m also seen stage-diving in Travis Scott’s documentary on Netflix. I thought this was actually cool, but I’ve definitely gotten over my psychotic stage jump from when I was 18 years old. I told my parents I was in the movie and my Dad responded, “Very cool. Just remember not to ever do that again.” Thanks for being my hype man Dad. Time: 27:06.

Real Friends

I used to pride myself on having a shit ton of friends, but as I’ve matured and grown, I’ve come to realize that I really only have 15 friends probably. 

Who can I go to when I need them? Who feels like they can come to me when they need me? One of the tell-tale signs of friendship is success. It’s important to realize who is in your corner (genuinely) when you thrive and are killing it, and who is in your corner supporting you when you aren’t killing it

There is no reason to be jealous of someone’s success. Instead, you should look in the mirror and figure out how you can get to that success also, whether that’s taking tips from your homie or someone else. 

Side note: I made a new friend this Summer. Shoutout to Guy. Isn’t that a dope name?


What I’m Wearing

If you were with me or saw me over the Summer (rare), you probably saw me in boots and vests. My Dad has worn cowboy boots, cool leather pieces, and rode motorcycles my whole life, so this style comes pretty natural to me. I definitely adore the style of Old Western times

Wearing boots, a lot, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing baggier denim. My Ksubi’s aren’t as comfortable with my boots, so if I’m wearing my boots I may differ to my APC, Bareknuckles, or Diesel jeans. The silhouette that a nice pair of boots and denim gives off, appeals to my fashion taste buds. “Cowboy Clyde” – Lavelle/Jarrel.


Above the waist, I’m normally going to be wearing a graphic tee, but as I’m getting older, I am trying to shift to more classic pieces. My sister gifted me an Off-White button down that I’ll definitely be rocking once it gets colder outside. You may catch me with more monochromatic shirts with no graphics on the front. Fashion is ever-changing, and so is my style. I also adore cool collared shirts and hoodies. Gifts are welcomed!

When I am dressing for comfort, I am quick to throw on my Madison-USA sweats and my Raf Simons Ozweegos, Suicokes, or AF1s. The Madison-USA sweats are just my shit man. Flame.

Also, Androgyny is cool.

What I’m Listening To

(Now playing: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes)

I thoroughly enjoyed Kanye West’s album…I hope that’s okay with you. Honestly, the album was just so fire to me. Not only is Kanye saying positive things on this album, but it actually sounds good, has good beats, and is pleasing to the ears. If you take the music out of the equation, I would still enjoy this album! Being a Christian man, I am here for any celebrity that is genuinely spreading the power of the Lord our God! We shall praise him.


A$AP Rocky’s classic song, Fine Whine. I am on the verge of tears every time I listen to this song. The chorus penetrates your soul, whispering into your ears, “This love, this love, this love won’t last forever. This love, this love, this love gon own our eyes.” 

The Neighbourhood’s song, Livin’ in a Dream. The band actually came into the store earlier today (11/10). They have a show in Columbus tomorrow and have the day off and wanted to shop. It’s awesome when artists acknowledge your art (the store), and the two intersect. 

Jesse Rutherford, the lead singer, says, “Said ‘I love you’ too soon – Reach for the stars and I hit the moon – Now every time I look at you – feels like like déjà vu”. I love this song because it makes me realize that I am really living in a dream. Life has been amazing at times, and horrible at times, and I love it! I kinda want a girlfriend.

I’m starting to add every new song I hear and like to a playlist with the according month. For example, I just heard Roddy Rich’s song Boom Boom Room, so I’ll add it to my ‘12/19’ playlist (hi Dom). I think this will be a cool way to look back at prior months and see where I was in my life, mental state, and mood. It’ll be like my little music calendar.

Two of my co-workers (Devon & Evan), have gotten me hip to grime rap. When you hear grime rap, you probably think of guys like Skepta and Giggs, which is accurate, but there are even more fire grime rappers over in Europe. Grime is a genre of music that emerged in London in the early 21st century. It developed out of UK electronic music styles and takes influences from dancehall, ragga, and hip hop. 

Some songs to check out: 

Bet by Octavian

Stay With It by Skepta

the second verse of Lean 4 Real by Playboi Carti 

The ties between grime rap and fashion is also very interesting. I’ll leave that up to you guys to look deeper into that.

The End

Thank you all for reading - be blessed. Let me know how you guys feel about 1.3 Miles 005 in my DM’s, text messages, voicemail, email, all that. Best feedback gets any 1 piece from Madison-USA for FREE. Love <3.

Lol, the second to last sentence was a joke.  Thank you all again, and if you liked (or hated) this entry, share it with a friend. 

With love,


P.S.: Be on the lookout for our “Meet the Team” feature in the next couple of weeks.

Instagram: Clydebennettiii

Twitter: Clyde_Bennett]]> 2019-08-18T13:32:00-04:00 2019-09-24T14:46:41-04:00 The Shining Hoodie Zane Osler ]]> 2019-08-18T13:31:00-04:00 2019-09-17T11:35:53-04:00 Comme Des Garçon PLAY Spring / Summer 19 Zane Osler ]]> 2019-05-15T14:54:00-04:00 2019-05-15T14:54:10-04:00 1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III - 004 Clyde Bennett III

Hello everyone. My name is Clyde Bennett, and right now I am writing my last entry for a while. First off, thank you all. Thank you for the genuine support and feedback. Thank you for reading what I have to say. When Jarrel came to me about writing this blog, I was confused. Rel had confidence in me. He believed in me. Now, a little over 2 months since my first blog entry, I am writing to you all with confidence, knowing that I can express myself freely and without judgement. I’ve surrounded myself with the right people, and I can see that clearly now. ‘Thank you for walking these 1.3 Miles with me.’ This one is longer than the others, so let’s ride.

Oh, also, share this.

Mental Health Awareness Month

I know, I know, you guys have probably read hundreds of articles on mental health over the last couple of years, but I want to tell you guys my story. Before I came to college, I had people tell me that the transition from high school to college is challenging and everyone goes through it in their own way. For the first 2-3 months of school I felt absolutely amazing, and I was loving every minute of college. I was meeting beautiful people every day and loving my new independent life.

One day, out of nowhere, my mind started going places I did not want it to go. I was having super intrusive thoughts and I could not get them out of my head. Almost all of these thoughts were lies, that did not reflect on me as an individual at all, but it messed with my head greatly. I was literally losing myself. This went on for about a month, until I could not take it anymore. I did what I pray anyone dealing with mental health issues does – I called someone. That someone was my mom. The best mom I could ever ask for. Throughout this whole battle, calling my mom was one of the hardest yet best things I have ever done. For anyone that knows me, you know that I hate appearing weak, and hate having to rely on others, but I really really needed someone at this point in time.

My mom talked with me for a while and we came up with a game plan. I would go to therapy, see a doctor, and continue to stay strong and pray daily. For the next month and a half, I went to sessions and tried various different medicines, but none of them were working. Finally, one did, and I have felt so much better ever since. GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and INNER STRENGTH got me through this tough time.

Most of you guys reading this probably had no idea that I was going through this Freshman year, and that’s part of the reason I write this today. ‘Everyone is battling an inner demon, which is why we must try to treat everyone beautifully.’ You never know what demon someone is fighting.

And shoutout to the people fighting mental health that don’t have a great support system to go to. You guys are the real soldiers in this fight, and my prayers are with you. My dms are open…and if you have my number, text me whenever.

But yeah, that’s all on that. Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Paige, Dante, Gabrielle, David-Hunter-Trey-Dav-Bryce-Myles (you 6 indirectly helped me out by treating me the same and giving me the sense of normality in life). We all go through shit, and that’s part of my shit.

But do not pity me, that is the last thing I have ever wanted. I just wanted to write that little piece, so people see that mental health dodges no one! I was on top of the world for the first 19 years of my life, and probably not the humblest person. This brought me down quick! Praise God though, I’m back.


Midwest Kids 4/13

So, the Midwest Kids pop up was insane. If you missed it, damn. If you made it, hell yeah. The vibes in Madison-USA on this day were outright contagious. I walked in and felt like a million bucks. We had DJ N$ty on the sticks per usual (hardest DJ in Columbus), clothes everywhere, and a full store at all times. Midwest Kids sold out in an hour! You can’t make this stuff up. Wherever you looked, people were smiling, dapping each other up, and taking pictures. ‘It was like a chill networking social with music, fashion, and me.’ The latter of that sentence is the most important part. It was great to see people from all over come out for this event. I have had the privilege of seeing Madison-USA raise the taste level of Columbus first-hand and it is amazing. I’m just glad I am a part of the team. MIDWEST KIDS x MADISON-USA. Shoutout Joey Aich by the way. Good dude right there. Check out his music.

Image: Julie Jackson


Doxa 4/27

Wow. Mandikar White. KING. We at Madison-USA are so proud of you. I’m proud to call you a friend.

For those who do not know, Mandi has a brand called DOXA, and yesterday he had his first pop-up shop at Madison-USA. The store was filled with energy, and packed wall to wall. DOXA sold out! All the clothes were gone! Mandi also dropped his new album, titled Light. Mandikar raps under the name Karma Light. Check him out on Apple Music & Spotify. My favorite songs on the album are Flowers & Chillin’ on the Block. The vibes were once again, contagious.

I’ve had the honor to watch Mandi grow his brand and music from the start, and I can honestly say that he’s increased 10-fold. Mandi is a young entrepreneur and inspires me every day to create and create. Congratulations my brother. MANDIKAR WHITE (Young Creative) x MADISON-USA.


Here are Mandi’s words on the event – “I’m the type of person that believes narrative is everything. I remember about a year and half ago, going on two years, walking into Madison like this store is the best thing that could’ve come out of the old American Apparel. It meant a change in the city’s culture from standard mainstream fashion to a higher level of appreciation for the world of fashion.

So being able to bring my passions full circle within 4 months of launching my brand means the world to me and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

The success of the event has inspired me to do more and more.

Big thanks to everyone who came and supported.”

Lucki Concert 5/5

The Lucki concert definitely lived up to the hype. The show took place at Skully’s in the Short North. Dj N$ty was on the sounds (it was fire per usual), Donyay, and Swoosh God opened up for Lucki. Donyay killed his set, so I have to shout him out. Peep his song Souljah, I really messed with that one. Swoosh God threw down as expected. He came through the store before, and I must say that he is a super down to earth dude. Cool people for sure. Now onto Lucki.

Lucki came out and the crowd started bouncing immediately. The mosh pits were in full affect, and the kids were wilding! Lucki put on a great show, and I can now see why he is one of the hottest up and coming artists. He chilled a little bit after the show. He’s also a super good guy. Shoutout out Lucki for a great show. MADISON-USA x LUCKI x DONYAY x SWOOSH GOD.

Tiger Woods

Okay. Wow. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods won his 15th Major Championship on April 14th, and it brought tears to eyes all over the world. My guy had 5 extreme back surgeries, culminating in a spinal fusion surgery…essentially this guy should not be playing golf ever again. Well he is! And he’s back to winning major championships and Green Jackets!

‘Tiger, you single-handedly are the reason I play golf.’ Without you dominating the golf world in the late 90s, early 2000s, my Dad would probably have never started playing golf, which means I probably wouldn’t have started playing golf. You don’t even know it, but you are a huge reason why my dad and I have the relationship we have. Golf has brought us closer, and I can’t imagine life without it.

Love you Tiger. Congratulations. More majors to come. Our guy is back! Let’s all dawn our red polos this Sunday.

What I’m Listening to

Tame Impala. Yeah, cliché, I know. Kevin Parker recently dropped two singles off of Tame Impala’s upcoming album and they slap, to say the least. Mandikar White says, “Kevin parker sounded like Michael Jackson on that Borderline song”. He might just be on to something! So yeah, I have been listening to a lot of Tame because I am patiently (not) waiting for their new album. A few of my buddies went to Coachella and saw Tame live, and said it was an out-of-body experience (Portal anyone? ). I wanted to see Tame Impala in Nashville on 5/2, but I’m going to settle for Lollapalooza where they headline on Friday ☹

Lyric of the week comes from Rihanna and Drake, on Drake’s song Too Good – “I’m too good to you, im way too good to you. You take my love for granted, I just don’t understand it.”

Song of the week is Kid Cudi!*  by Playboi Carti and Young Nudy.

What I’m Wearing

I’m wearing Madison-USA clothing… no cap. I’m not just saying that because I’m writing under Madison-USA. The clothes we have been putting out is fire. Have you seen? Please go look. The sweats, the new hoodies (got the Shining hoodie in black now also), the racer shirts and racer sweats :0…..OMG I’m excited now. Go check it out here. Check out the other brands too while you’re at it, but yeah, I’m rocking Madison. Just copped some Ksubi jeans in the store– that good Australian denim baby. We also restocked the original Madison-USA logo hoodies and tee-shirts, and also have some new ones. New pieces are dropping every week and the store is getting COMME des GARCONS (CDG) in within the month. ‘Stay locked in so you can cop these pieces when they all become available.’ Follow the store on Instagram @madisonusa.

Also, the Robert Geller and Lululemon collab is fire (Alec Teller??).

What’s Free?

Quote of the week comes from Jarrel Tolbert. He didn’t even notice that I typed what he said to me in my notes, but it stuck with me. Jarrel said, “The free stuff always comes with the biggest cost.” Amazing. I’m going to let the reader come up with their own interpretation on that, but the way I took that is, although there is no monetary payment associated with free things, you best believe someone is paying in some way. Big bro came clutch on the quote.

My Plans for the Summer

I should have a fun, yet productive Summer ahead of me. I will spend 10 weeks of it interning. I’ll golf a couple times a week, along with working out 3-4 times a week. I’m also traveling to Savannah for a few days, going to Lollapalooza, and making frequent trips to Columbus to see my friends. Maybe more, we’ll see.

‘Have a great Summer. This is a great time to reflect, relax, and self-assess.’

The End

Thank you all again. I cannot believe 1.3 Miles gained a following, but I am forever thankful. We might continue these next year, or we might come up with a new creative outlet for me. We shall see. Love you guys. ‘We all have a voice. Let’s use it.’


Let me know how you guys feel about 1.3 Miles 004. Text me, IG message me, tweet at me, however. I appreciate it all, good or bad.

Instagram: @ clydebennettiii

Twitter: @ Clyde_Bennett

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Welcome to 1.3 Miles 003. I hope you all enjoy this one! 1.3 Miles 002 got into the top 10% of all Shopify blog posts. Most clothing stores use Shopify, so that was a dope accomplishment. Obviously, I couldn’t have done that without the support of the readers, so I want to thank you all. ‘After reading this, I ask that you send this blog to someone that would not normally read it’. Okay, let’s get after it.


Now that I have written two pieces of 1.3 Miles, I have found a new ‘why’. Why do I use up my free time to write blogs on Madison-USA? Well, I still write because of the genuine relationships I have formed at Madison, the beautiful store layout, and the fashion, ‘but I also write so that others feel more confident in utilizing their voice’. It is important for me to show others, especially younger kids, that you can say what is on your mind freely. There is never going to be a time where everyone agrees with what you have to say, but if you eloquently state your point of view, people will at least understand. I want people to understand me, and what I am writing. The gap between people is not racial, religious based, or ethical – the gap between people is a lack of understanding between each other. Someone may hate a Muslim man due to his faith, but in actuality, they just do not understand where this person has come from, and what has made him into the Muslim man he is today.

So yes, I write so people can see what you can do with your voice. I am 20 years old, have 2800 followers on Instagram, and I go to OSU. In other words, I am in no way special or higher than anyone else. All I’m doing is using my voice and hoping that people relate to something I say. Thankfully, a few people have, and I appreciate that (you all’s feedback means everything to me - keep texting, messaging, and telling me your thoughts on my pieces).

Spring Break

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. Snapchat and Instagram stories made me feel as if I was everywhere at once, especially Fort Lauderdale.

My Spring Break looked a bit different from the average college student’s. I went to Miami, Florida…with my Dad. My dad and I went on a golf trip and had a blast. I found that many times when I am home from school, I spend more time with my friends, than I do with my Mom and Dad (the people that got me to where I am today). After coming to this realization and realizing that I was exhausted from the life of an Ohio State student (grind in Thompson, party, repeat), I decided to go on a golf trip with my dad. We played some cool golf courses, including the Doral Blue Monster. I didn’t play my best golf ever, but I had a great time with Clyde Bennett II. I used Spring Break as a time to cleanse my mind and body. And rest.


Everything at the store is going well. Definitely come through and check it out. We just got new clothing from Full Court Press, and ‘Reed Cart’ just walked by me in the library and said she wants a Madison hoodie. My day is made and yours should too.

There will also be a pop-up shop at Madison-USA with Midwest Kids on April 13th. This is a super dope brand. Kanye’s past stylist created it, and it is fire. Definitely come check it out.

Also, to reiterate just how genuine the relationship is between myself and Madison-USA – I got paid the other day and did not even notice. I didn’t have the day set in my head when I was getting paid, because I don’t feel like I am working when I am here. I’m just vibing. I can only hope that when I graduate, I have a job that makes me feel this way.

Something to Think About

While on the plane the other day, I was thinking. Would I live life the same way if “clout” didn’t exist? Clout is defined as influence or power. Essentially, I asked myself, “would I live life the same way if I did not get recognized or awarded for what I do”. Would I major in finance if it didn’t come with a high percentage chance of getting a good job? Would I write 1.3 Miles if people never gave me positive feedback or read it? Would I buy a certain piece of clothing if I knew people wouldn’t know it was a name brand piece? This topic piqued my interest, so I wanted to see what you guys thought about this. Let me know in my dm.

For me personally, I would live the same. I have always focused on following my heart whether it pertains to love, job choices, school choices, friends’ choices, all choices. Follow your heart.

What I’m Listening to

Okay, I am waiting patiently (not really) on Lil Uzi’s new album Eternal Atake. It has been months and months since we have heard new music from Uzi, and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like something is missing from my life…that thing is music from Lil Uzi Vert. With news coming that Uzi is now a part of Roc Nation, it seems that he may drop new music soon. Therefore, I have been blasting Uzi the past two weeks. Lyric of the week comes from Lil Uzi Vert’s song Paradise,” Yeah, paradise yeah it’s somewhere that I’ve never been before – Yeah, I just wanna be there when I wake up – Like you better with no makeup” Wow.

Okay…..I wrote this paragraph like 3 hours before Uzi dropped a new song titled Free Uzi. It’s lit! Our man is back!

I have also been playing a steady dose of Jxhlani’s album, 0122. This guy is a Columbus native and his music slaps, check it out.

I would also love to give a shoutout to my two of my oldest friends Caleb Swope (46swo) and Ethan Ellis ($eptember). They both dropped their first music videos and they are legit! Check them out on Instagram. I absolutely love seeing my friends pursue their creative interests, whether that’s acting, music, science, etc. It’s beautiful and I’ll continue to support y’all!

Also, who else misses Bieber. I do.

Nipsey Hussle

First off, prayers to Nipsey’s family and friends. For those that don’t know, Nipsey Hussle, a prominent rapper, was shot and killed at age 33 this past Sunday. To make matters worse, he was killed in front of the store that he had built in the heart of LA on West Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Nipsey was doing great things for his community in California. Countless things. This store was one of them.

Right now I’d like to pray for Lauren London, Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend, and their children: “Dear God, please give Ms.London and her kids strength during this tough time. Give Lauren the peace of mind to continue to be strong for her children. Also, please help us stop the unnecessary gun violence. In Jesus name, amen.”


Stay in touch with me. Let me know what you think about 003. 004 is coming within the month, and that will be the last one for a while. Don’t forget to send this piece to someone that would not normally read it!

Instagram: @clydebennettiii

Twitter: @Clyde_Bennett

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What’s up everyone. I’m feeling good today. My German Studies exam went well, and I’m two coffees in. I am ready to write (type I guess). Let’s get after it.


First off, I want to thank everyone for the feedback on 1.3 Miles Part I. It meant the world to me. Contrary to popular belief, I was very nervous to release that piece and really let my voice go. I’m happy with the feedback and appreciate it. Both the bad and good. I must reiterate, the grammar is going to be very relaxed (sorry Ms.Floyd/Mrs.Dunn).  

“What I really care about is how engaged you are with what I am writing.” That being said, I hope you enjoy 1.3 Miles Part II.

Are You Friends and Family?

Wow. And that is an understatement. I have had the privilege to see Madison’s growth first-hand. It has gone from me telling people to shop Madison, to people asking me why I am not in the store when they stop by. The Paris Racer Pants sold out in a matter of days! Oh, and to the haters that say we sold out because we made a small number of pairs… don’t be silly.

I worked my first actual shift last Sunday and the amount of love shown was great. Shout out to Carson, Gary, Ryan, Lee, HEIRS Team, Alexandra Pohl, and all the others that came out to support me and the store. Support does not go unnoticed, and you guys will reap the benefits of that support (friends and family event soon? Hmm).

In no way do you have to buy anything from Madison-USA to support the cause. Just stop in, check out the new pieces, and be yourself. Simple as that. We want genuine connections and conversations. You never know, you could be writing this article next month ;0

I don’t want to tell all of Madison’s secrets, but we have some BIG news on the way, and if you are friends and family, you’ll be plugged in first. I have one question. Are you friends and family?

BTW, all the clothes at Madison-USA are unisex. Girls, feel free to come through. “The ladies dress better than the men anyways.”



Pressure is a good thing. My best friend Shaheel once asked me, “If there’s no pressure, what are you really doing in life? What do you really care about if you feel no pressure to do well?” Oh, and Shaheel knows pressure, as he’s in The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I’ll never forget what Shah said to me that day.

 Instead of looking at nerves and pressure as a bad thing, you should look at it as a positive. You’re probably in the face of pressure because you need to perform well. “There are many people in the world that face no pressure because they are simply stagnant in life.” Pressure tells me that I am moving up in the world and getting shit done. The nerves you feel? That shows you care about what you are doing. Whether it’s the interview for your dream job, your basketball game, your Organic chemistry exam, or asking that girl/boy that you like on a date – the nerves and pressure are a good thing. Pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds.

A Lonely Valentine’s Day

Were any of you guys eating chocolate by yourself on Valentine’s Day? Yeah, me too. This year marks my 20th straight year without a Valentine (okay Mom you don’t count). Was I sad? No. Would it have been dope to have a Valentines? Yes. “Love is natural though, and it will come, leave, and stay when it needs to.” Not going to lie though, if I ever have a girlfriend in college she will be showered in clothing from Madison (promo) and other designer (yes, ladies hit my line).

But in all seriousness, it’s is great to see all the love in the world. For all my single people, our time will come one day. For you people in relationships (*flips bird) (lol jk). **Mom I love you and appreciate the Valentine’s day gift!**



I’m currently on a YNW Melly high. I mean, who isn’t. There is nothing people love more than a rapper that raps about something and actually lives it. If you are confused on what I am talking about, listen to Murder on my Mind, and then Google YNW Melly. Don’t get it twisted though, it is still #FREEMelly until its backwards (also check out Mixed Personalities, Slang that Iron, City Girls, No Heart, and 4 Real by Melly).

 I’ve also been bumping a heavy dose of James Blake, Ariana Grande (ugh I know…), and 21 Savage. My favorite song as we speak! Is! *drumroll please! Coffee Bean by Travis Scott.

Lyric of the week comes from Drake’s song, Pound Cake: “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are.”

Travis Scott Concert 

I want to preface this section by saying that I have seen Travis Scott perform 1,2,3,4, 5 times! I’m an expert and any disagreeing with my opinion will not be tolerated. Travis Scott put on a great show in Columbus this past weekend. The visuals were amazing. It is crazy to have seen Travis grow from opening up for Rihanna (first time I saw Travis) to headlining his own Arena tour.

All in all, a great show. I was just surprised at Travis’ almost laid-back performance.  Visuals: A+, Sound: A+, Performance: B+, fans who have clearly never heard a song before Astroworld: A+. Oh, and one time I rapped on stage with Travis Scott and proceeded to stage dive. Video on my Instagram.

Also, am I the only one that realized that there are no capital letters in Instagram usernames...

Maybe as I am maturing, so is Travis. I went from being in the pit drenched in sweat, to watching Travis calmly in the second row with my brothers (and Jenna). Travis Scott was 23 then, and he’s 26 now (with a daughter), -shout out Stormi.

Thankfully, I don’t have a daughter, but we have both grown and matured in our own way. Maybe this is why Travis’ shows aren’t as wild as they once were. They are still special in their own way. The best show in America for sure. “Travis Scott, you have become a pop star, and I am here for it.”


 After the party (Travis), there was the after party. The after party was Monarch 614. We showed up like stars and we showed out like stars. Velle held it down and had bottle service on tap. The sparklers, the capacity crowd, the vibes, and the music were all on cue. I finally got to hit the town with the team, and we had a time. **Shoutout to Cari for coming out with the kid.**



This week’s fashion section also features the quote of the month (week, day, whatever). The late Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” Okay, who else is running to the dumpster with their sweatpants in hand right now? I know I am. RIP Mr. Lagerfeld.

As of right now this moment, my favorite piece of clothing is the Trucker Hat. The most beautiful, versatile piece in a closet. Yes, in this hat I can be a trucker, but I can also be the best dressed in the building.

This trend goes back decades, but I am also loving when girls dress in men’s style clothing but pull it off. There’s nothing like a woman that can dress amazing, and then go into your closet and still dress amazing. “Who is going to be the first guy to go into a girl closet and still dress amazing? Young Thug? Me?”

The weather is going to break soon, and I hope you guys come out with the heat. I’ll be watching…

Rest in Power, Trayvon Martin

7 years ago, on February 26th, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking home unarmed. For those who don’t know, Martin was walking home from a seven eleven at night, when a man, George Zimmerman, proceeded to follow him. Fearing for his life, Trayvon Martin confronted Zimmerman. A scuffle ensued, and Zimmerman let off one lethal gunshot that took Trayvon Martin’s life.

The saddest part: George Zimmerman was found not guilty on the basis of the Stand Your Ground Law. In Florida, if one feels their life is threatened, they have the right to kill. Highly subjective, this rule has caused controversy across the nation. Stereotypes play a factor into fear.

 Martin’s death was not in vain as it woke up the world to the anti-black racism that is still alive and prevalent today. “I remember hearing about this story and thinking, “What if that happens to me?” I am an African American male who wears hoodies and walks late at night. Does that give someone the right to follow me? Profile me? Kill me?

A world without hate, is a beautiful world. “The death of Trayvon Martin should and can be used as a catalyst to erase hate.”

To Trayvon Martin: We will not forget you or the legacy you left. We will continue to fight your fight. We will make sure the world understands that there is much more work to do. We will advocate for reform. We will not forget you. RIP Trayvon.


Stay in touch with me.

Instagram: @clydebennettiii

Twitter: @Clyde_Bennett

If there is something you like about this post DM me. If there is something you don’t like about this post DM me. If there is something you want to discuss further DM me. If you want to be friends DM me. If you want to go on a date DM me. I just want to have genuine conversations with genuine people so talk to me! “I promise you I’m a loser in person.”

Until next time!

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]]> 2019-02-17T14:04:00-05:00 2019-02-18T13:14:39-05:00 PROFILES: KAREEM JACKSON Lavelle Stillwell

The Madison-USA team had the opportunity to catch up with Kareem Jackson, one of the pioneers of the fashion community in the Short North Arts District.

We talked about him opening up his boutique, Milk Bar, the early stages of that process and how he helped bring culture to Columbus.

A little about your background?

My name's Kareem Jackson. I owned a shop in the Short North called Milk Bar for 7 years. Most people consider it a cultural hang out because it was a place everything went down, like all the kids hung out & shopped. There are events, whether you bring different types of cultures together from the hip hop to electronic kids to the fashion kids to anybody, the skateboarders that were just the center of the Short North for a while. It was a good stop.

We had cool clothes like APC, we had a Warby Parker popup, but more people remember the shop that was the hang around, the hang out, the place you got to go to to figure out whats king on in the city. Thats how most people remember the shop, it wasn't just a clothing store.... like a hub or a sanctuary for all the kids that wanted to hang out and be into fashion. It was a cool spot. It was a good time.

Why did you create the space?

Actually I created it because I wanted to shop. I wanted to find a store that had the clothes I wanted and didn't fell like there were a lot of stores that had the clothes I wanted so I opened up a store. Wasn't really my original plan to stay in Columbus. I was going to move back home to DC, but I opened a store so I was like, "Well, I guess I'm stuck now." But I like it. It was a good time, good experience.


 What are your feelings on Columbus' growth and direction as well?

 Columbus is growing way too fast, but in a good way. Short North, you can just walk down the street and see new buildings every week and new businesses. Every  neighborhood, even downtown used to be  dead zone, you started to see bars and restaurants pop up. It's just good that the city's changing economically. So, I mean that's a lot of potential for new businesses, new residents maybe from out of the state, out of the country. More jobs. So I like it a lot, it's good to see potential in the city.

 How do you feel about Madison being a part of that growth?

Madison's cool, I like it, it reminds me of the good old days. I feel like there was a gap missing for a while of cool shops or places to kick it or people doing something great. They even had a culture talk in there a couple of weeks ago. I like when people still involved in the community somehow and still bring things you're not going to be able to find anywhere, especially anywhere in Columbus. It's a good thing, something new always needed to bring a new vibe, a new lifeline to the culture in the city. The culture, I'm too old to be saying that.


]]> 2019-02-12T14:50:00-05:00 2019-02-12T14:50:57-05:00 1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III Clyde Bennett III

Hello everyone, my name is Clyde Bennett III. I’m a sophomore at The Ohio State University, but I am from the great city that is Cincinnati (I love Cincinnati). Just a heads up, I will be writing this similar to how I text my friends: casual, with a few grammatical errors, but still getting my message across- don’t judge me. With that being said, let’s get after it. I hope you all enjoy!! Okay, now I’m going into writer’s mode.

Why am I writing this? I’ll take you through it all. I have an older sister (shoutout to Paige), who graduated from Ohio State in early May. While I was in Columbus with my family, waiting on a restaurant to seat us, I walked to Madison-USA. I was immediately drawn to the contemporary layout of the store and chopped it up with Velle, the manager at Madison. We exchanged contact info and stayed in touch.

Since I came back to OSU, I have had a brotherly connection with, Zane, Jarrel, Velle, Cari, and Red (the young vet….forreal though, I thought he was 26 but he was 22). And a big sister connection with Jenna <3 (the real queen of Madison). "One thing I noticed and loved about Madison upon being in the store for 30 minutes, was the genuine relationships that were all around." Whether it was the genuine relationship between the background music and the clothes, or the way the Jarrel (Co-founder/owner) interacted with the customers, etc. the store was awesome. Apologies for the bad grammar, but this is how it’s going to be. Anyways, Madison is just the spot to be – I would work here for free (don’t tell Velle that), but I would! I get to be around a piece of life I love, (Clothes/fashion), and be around dope individuals at all times. I appreciate the team taking me in. They think I’m cooler than I actually am, but that’s what family is for. Shop at Madison-USA (promo).

I’m currently sitting in bed wondering what I am going to write about now.

Life in college

School. School. School. What a beautiful place. I remember when I would dread going to school every day, and now I can’t wait to wake up and start the day. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that school is one of the only places where you can look up into the sky, ask yourself what you want to do with your life, make a decision, and then go pursue that exact thing that you want to do with your life. Without school this is so much harder! I apologize to all the grade school/high school classrooms I disrupted in the process to coming to this realization, but here I am.

Ohio State is the land of opportunity, and beautiful people. "I couldn’t ask for a better place to shape me into the person I am becoming." I don’t want this blog to be an OSU fan page so that’s all for OSU. Go Bucks


So, I listen to music a lot and I listen to all different types of music. My friend Eli told me to listen to Tame Impala about 9 months ago and I finally gave it a chance. Needless to say, I listen to at least 5 Tame songs a day. I’d say right now Tame is my second favorite artist behind Asap Rocky (who I listen to all the time).

When I think of Rocky, there are 3 songs that stick with me: Fine Whine, L$D (check out the music video), and Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye II (honorable mention: Jukebox Joints). In all honesty, there has never been 3 songs that have made me feel how I feel when I listen to these songs. The closest I’ve gotten to those vibes are by Tame! But rocky will forever be superior. I also listen to a shit ton of rap (like a lot of rap), R & B, pop (Katy Perry is undefeated), and anything else you can imagine. The song I am playing the most right now is You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. When the choir comes in and sings with him, you can feel Mike singing to you! I swear…its crazy. RIP Mike Jackson.

Lyric of the week comes from A$AP Rocky’s song, Max B: “It’s like I lace up my boots and call my troops lately – Traded all my hoodie rap for all my suits lately – I’m 26 but I’ve been living in my youth lately – Pull my wisdom, but I still spit it like my tooth ache me

What I’m Wearing [or not wearing]

Fashion is just getting cooler and better. I’m tired of seeing these weird fake box logo pieces of clothing, that’s just silliness, but fashion is cool, let’s all keep making it cooler.

There’s this one girl I saw in Doc Martens the other day and it was a sick look- definitely a fan, keep it up stunna. My number is 513-5**-****, you know the rest.

Not going to lie, I would cop the Canada Goose, so I’m not hating – "but the Canada Goose jacket has become a status symbol at OSU." It’s okay. I love that you have a (Goose! – Shoutout Cip), but like some of yall don’t even look right in it. If you do buy a Canada Goose jacket, I suggest you get the Carson. Why? Because its name after my boy Carson. Stay warm world.


"So, I lost my security blanket over break." That security blanket was my credit card. For the last three years of my life I have never worried about really running out of money because worst come worst my parents would bail me out… I am on my own. Although I miss my security blanket, I kind of love that now I can go out and grind for myself more and really go get it! Go get it! Working last summer, I have a good financial standing, but now I must be more frugal as my security blanket is gone. I don’t know if I’ll be able to drop big bags at Madison-USA (promo) as much, but I’m definitely going to make sure I can still do what I want when I want. As Adrien Broner (Cincinnati native) said, “I’ve never been okay with being broke.” Oh, I’m not broke by the way. Interesting Quote I read the other day: “Love is somewhat like drugs. The feeling is amazing, but at the end of the day it is pointless” I’m not saying I agree or disagree, I am huge supporter of love, but it is definitely something interesting to think about. "Is love pointless? Eh, who knows."

Keep in Touch

Feel free to tweet at me or message me on Instagram to tell me some things to talk about next week! If you read to this point, I love you, if you didn’t, I guess you’ll never get to see what I just typed. Give me ~feedback~

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Joe Garvey is a Brooklyn based artist whose juxtaposed landscapes and tee designs have become a relevant angle for balance and composition. Designing and working with LQQK studio and creating project pieces for Dover Street Market, Big Love Records in Japan, and the Good Company, Joe is quickly becoming a staple of the NY community. His brand has only been available in Japan until now.

The Madison team joins Joe Garvey in his NYC studio to talk about his latest work, inspiration, and exclusivity.

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Considered “the new kids on the block” since arriving to Columbus’ Short North Arts District, the team at Madison-USA spoke with some of Columbus, Ohio’s own to talk Ohio, change, and the future. Esteban Weaver is arguably the most talented player in Columbus basketball history. He once held a press conference as an eighth grader to announce his high school choice and was ranked No. 1 nationwide in his class as a freshman. We caught up with Esteban to talk about how he views the only place he’s ever known as home. 


I was born and raised here in Columbus, Ohio. I was raised on the south side, well, north side, excuse me. North side, around the Windsor Terrace area. Just growing up, my background was growing up playing basketball. I have a healthy, strong ... my blood, background was basketball. My father played, my uncle played for the Lakers. My other uncle, he tried out for the Lakers. 

Growing up, I made a couple mistakes, hanging around the wrong people, but all in all, I feel like I grew up to become a decent human being. It was just coming up in the neighborhood, growing up, just trying to be a regular kid, trying to figure out what way to go, what to do in life.” 


I feel like I played a heavy influence, as far as the younger kids that are coming up in the 2000s. The Sullingers, the Trey Burkes, I speak to them all the time and they tell me, “You know, man, we used to go sit down and watch your old video tapes before we played, just to get motivated.” 


We still got a lot of growing to do, but we’re getting there. Columbus, Ohio is a beautiful place to be. It’s a beautiful place to raise children. It’s just that our culture, we have to uplift our culture more, because we have just too much violence going on in different areas, not just in our neighborhoods, but in other neighborhoods. 

I loved my city from the moment I was born and I knew I was raised here. We just have to be able to do things collectively. It can’t be done individually, it has to be a group effort. And until we can get that group effort to keep growing and growing and get bigger and bigger, it’s just the problem that we going to have.




Madison-USA is a new store, a new face, so you have to do new things. A lot of these buildings around here have been here for years. You know what I mean? The building, 1219 N. High Street, was here but Madison-USA is here now. To be a new face in the city, to bring new things to the city, and bringing more youth to the city comes with a lot of vibrance, a lot of activity. Madison-USA can change the culture of how we view things and how we do things.



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]]> 2018-12-11T18:24:00-05:00 2019-01-05T13:40:42-05:00 PROFILES: Chef Henry Butcher Jarrel Tolbert

The Madison-USA team sat down with the owner of The Creole Kitchen, Chef Henry Butcher. After opening on the east side over a decade ago, The Creole Kitchen has remained staple in Columbus, Ohio’s resurgent King-Lincoln District, serving authentic Cajun style dishes. 

We had the honor to talk to Chef Butcher about growing up in the bottoms of Shreveport, Louisiana, moving to Columbus at age 14 & the journey that his passion for the culinary arts took him. 


"I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana but my grandmother lived in New Orleans, so I went back forth from Shreveport to New Orleans. Shreveport is very different than New Orleans, Shreveport is more country. In New Orleans, everything was allowed coming up as a kid. I moved Columbus at the age of 14. My father came to Columbus looking for a job; on his way to Detroit to work at the automobile factory, he stopped in Columbus to see a friend of his and got a job at the City of Columbus." 

I started washing dishes, pots and pans, in a hotel on the west side. We came up on the Hilltop, I Played football for West High School. Then I start working at a branch of Allen Pitt hotels on the west side of Columbus doing pots, pans and dishes. That area is now where Hollywood Casino sits." 


"I got introduced to the banquet and catering at a young age. I used to work for a German that got shot, his name was Jacque.... Jacque was a master chef when I met him, even though I was on the pots and pans as a dishwasher I would always wash the pots and pans as quick as I can so I could hang out with Jacque." 

"Coming out of high school I went to culinary school, started culinary school at Century High School. I was able to test out the first year because I had nice skills, I had the clean oven, stove, deep-fryers, I was already familiar with it so I was able to test out and go over into advanced cooking. I'll never forget that because all of the older students got mad at me because I was the youngest but could cook better than all of them. I’ve been in the business since I was 16. I had two years, and they had just started, so they had to come to me and ask me questions. Coming out of culinary school, I start working in the Italian restaurant. Believe it or not, I was the best Italian chef in the city of Columbus. I remember an article that said the best Italian chef in Columbus is not Italian. I was sent to Venice to learn, I was there for 30 days. It was the first time I'd seen Black Italians, it was definitely a big experience for me." 

"I kept growing in the business, I started working for the Hyatt. I went back to New Orleans, worked at the Super Dome, left there and went to Peachtree Hyatt in Atlanta, Georgia. Left there, went to Seattle, then I came back to Columbus when they did the Regency, Hyatt-Regency downtown. Got married, started my family, and that was the end of the traveling." 


I lived in Delaware for 15 years, 30 minutes outside of Columbus. I was ready to leave the hotel at that time. I sold my property in Delaware and moved back to my old house in Columbus. I talked to my sister and my son, Henry Jr. and we put the business plan together for the Creole Kitchen. It was a unique time when we opened and I think timing had a lot to do with this because hurricane Katrina was in New Orleans, people were leaving New Orleans in droves. A lot of them would come to Columbus, they were going all over the United States as matter of fact. Then we opened up the Creole Kitchen, the Carry Out has been here for over 13 years. 

When we opened up, there was a lot of headaches. We had a guy who came in and did a bid for us. The architect came in and put it together for us, then they came in and put the whole plan together, blueprints and everything. But it took them a year to do this, it started out $60,000 to do this, that's $60,000 went to $100,000. Man, I was frustrated and wondering when the door was going to open up. People were asking, when we were gonna open up. It finally happened and the doors were open. We were struggling at that time because a lot of the operating capital that we had was put into this. The struggle is still going on today, but its coming up, its coming up a lot faster than what I anticipated it to do. We have a show, we did Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras and the place was packed. We got a beer license, now we have a wine license, the wine license just came a couple of weeks ago. 



When I first came to the area in 2006. I walked this area, every week, for about 7 days, just standing and looking. And just looking at the whole area, it wasn't my first choice. Drug-infested, people standing wasn't really what I was looking for to open up a restaurant but they gave me a deal that I couldn't refuse. Mayor Coleman said he was going to do some things to this area to really bring the area up, so we were a big part of bringing the area up. After we opened up the Carry Out, Lincoln Theater opened up shortly after, so that brought more traffic into the area. Then, they started remodeling the homes and stuff. You start seeing the community change, the Kings Center was growing. Urban League started doing things.... We’ve seen a lot, we’ve seen the area start looking better and better. 


Quality; I can just feel the quality of it. To be able to stay in tune with the young people and what they're wearing now is the biggest part about this, that's really impressive to me. Young blacks coming to together and putting their money together to build is very important because when I started this, it was “Anybody want to invest, Anybody?” “No, no.” 

Now they want to take a picture with you. But you know, its always funny because once you build it, then people see that you keep building it and they see what it's done, then they want to come back, like “can I invest?” I don't need you now. I don't need you now.

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The Madison-USA team had an opportunity to sit down with Prime Social Group's Dominic Petrozzi before entering their grueling multi-city Festival Season. 

We spoke with the founder of #Fest about how to make it in the music industry, building from where you're at & the inevitable growth of Columbus,Ohio. 


"I came up in the music business while at Ohio University. Schooled myself while attending school. Learned quickly that what I was acquiring in knowledge via experience was far greater and more beneficial than what I was consuming in the classroom.. Got 2 degrees along the way, but the trial and error, risk taking of rolling the dice put me in the position I am in today.. The story goes, I spent a lot of time in the pre­ social media era of the Hip Hop scene in North Columbus. I Was booking shows for local talent.. back when Fly Union was known as Basic Element (w/ Vada).. and Cam'ron was pushing slope style up and down Cleveland Ave from Morse to 5th. Nightclub shows turned to venue shows turned to ONE FEST between 2002 and 2004" 

"I took pride in putting together crowds that outweighed the talent's reach, in sheer numbers. A lot of the game for me was seeing how many people I could sell on coming through rather than the lineup I was building for any particular gig ­­ to me, it was more of a Social Network that I built that existed in real time, in person. Pre Pre @handles and event invites in the DM's." 


"As new endeavors came to light, #FEST continued to dominate my focus. The growth potential was far and away much greater than anything else I had created. By 2012, a partnership, out of necessity for a more "all hands on deck"approach, emerged between myself and my longtime business partners and brothers, Zach and Adam at Prime SocialGroup. Things changed drastically after our 1st year in business together. By 2013, we had Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki headlining #11FEST. From that point on, the roster of #FEST Headlining Artists goes like this: 

Kendrick + Aoki into Diplo + Schoolboy Q + G Eazy into Fetty Wap + Chainsmokers into Migos + Young Thug + Lil Yachty+ 21 Savage + Blackbear into Marshmello + Lil Uzi Vert + RL Grime + Trippie Redd + Rezz.. In a place, town, city, market that previously had never had any sense of a music scene culture, from a National Talent perspective. In the middle of nowhere Ohio." 

"We took an idea to bring big crowds together and turned it into a nationally recognized Music Festival that earned the moniker, The Nation's Largest College Music Festival. Nobody in the music business has created a grassroots, festival, the way my partners and I did w/ #FEST. Hadn't happened before, hasn't happened since. #FEST played a role in PSG launching the mega festival brand, Breakaway Music Festival here in Columbus as well as in Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas and Grand Rapids." 

"There is a tremendous injection of youth and ideas being pushed into the nucleus of the city. From real estate development to tech to fashion to entertainment, there is a huge coming of age for the overall landscape of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Its been exciting to watch from the vantage point I've been able to see all this from being a part of the first wave of young entrepreneurship that helped bring a new era into the city via our business, networks (both in and around Ohio as well as across the country from NYC to LA to MIA), ideas and style, brings a sense of pride along with it. Theres a handful of people that risked time, money, energy, the cliche "blood, sweat and tears" to help modernize the city. To help educate the masses on what it is our city is capable of based on our experiences."



Madison USA is bringing another game changing concept to the city via its store front in The Short North. The team at Madison is compiled of several Chicago and NYC natives that are bringing their experiences both in and out of the fashion scene to continue the evolution of the overall top shelf brands and products available to our market. Backed by OSU Hoops Legend and Chitown native, ET (Evan Turner), Madison has the opportunity to add a layer of exclusivity in Columbus for the fashion heads that has not been available for in­ store purchase. The idea that brands that are predominately available in uber exclusive stores such as Union Los Angeles or Kith could soon be on the shelves on High St is a major game changer. The Madison team is creating a cultural hub that will continue to educate and provide consumers with the best of the best street couture products otherwise only available via online hypebeasting. The genuine interest in helping the city grow alongside the long standing store fronts is a great thing to see from High St's newest family members." 

"There is serious momentum rolling into Summer 2018. Madison USA is going to play a big role in shedding a new light on whats to come, salute."