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PROFILES: Dominic Petrozzi

The Madison-USA team had an opportunity to sit down with Prime Social Group's Dominic Petrozzi before entering their grueling multi-city Festival Season. 

We spoke with the founder of #Fest about how to make it in the music industry, building from where you're at & the inevitable growth of Columbus,Ohio. 


"I came up in the music business while at Ohio University. Schooled myself while attending school. Learned quickly that what I was acquiring in knowledge via experience was far greater and more beneficial than what I was consuming in the classroom.. Got 2 degrees along the way, but the trial and error, risk taking of rolling the dice put me in the position I am in today.. The story goes, I spent a lot of time in the pre­ social media era of the Hip Hop scene in North Columbus. I Was booking shows for local talent.. back when Fly Union was known as Basic Element (w/ Vada).. and Cam'ron was pushing slope style up and down Cleveland Ave from Morse to 5th. Nightclub shows turned to venue shows turned to ONE FEST between 2002 and 2004" 

"I took pride in putting together crowds that outweighed the talent's reach, in sheer numbers. A lot of the game for me was seeing how many people I could sell on coming through rather than the lineup I was building for any particular gig ­­ to me, it was more of a Social Network that I built that existed in real time, in person. Pre Pre @handles and event invites in the DM's." 


"As new endeavors came to light, #FEST continued to dominate my focus. The growth potential was far and away much greater than anything else I had created. By 2012, a partnership, out of necessity for a more "all hands on deck"approach, emerged between myself and my longtime business partners and brothers, Zach and Adam at Prime SocialGroup. Things changed drastically after our 1st year in business together. By 2013, we had Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki headlining #11FEST. From that point on, the roster of #FEST Headlining Artists goes like this: 

Kendrick + Aoki into Diplo + Schoolboy Q + G Eazy into Fetty Wap + Chainsmokers into Migos + Young Thug + Lil Yachty+ 21 Savage + Blackbear into Marshmello + Lil Uzi Vert + RL Grime + Trippie Redd + Rezz.. In a place, town, city, market that previously had never had any sense of a music scene culture, from a National Talent perspective. In the middle of nowhere Ohio." 

"We took an idea to bring big crowds together and turned it into a nationally recognized Music Festival that earned the moniker, The Nation's Largest College Music Festival. Nobody in the music business has created a grassroots, festival, the way my partners and I did w/ #FEST. Hadn't happened before, hasn't happened since. #FEST played a role in PSG launching the mega festival brand, Breakaway Music Festival here in Columbus as well as in Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas and Grand Rapids." 

"There is a tremendous injection of youth and ideas being pushed into the nucleus of the city. From real estate development to tech to fashion to entertainment, there is a huge coming of age for the overall landscape of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Its been exciting to watch from the vantage point I've been able to see all this from being a part of the first wave of young entrepreneurship that helped bring a new era into the city via our business, networks (both in and around Ohio as well as across the country from NYC to LA to MIA), ideas and style, brings a sense of pride along with it. Theres a handful of people that risked time, money, energy, the cliche "blood, sweat and tears" to help modernize the city. To help educate the masses on what it is our city is capable of based on our experiences."



Madison USA is bringing another game changing concept to the city via its store front in The Short North. The team at Madison is compiled of several Chicago and NYC natives that are bringing their experiences both in and out of the fashion scene to continue the evolution of the overall top shelf brands and products available to our market. Backed by OSU Hoops Legend and Chitown native, ET (Evan Turner), Madison has the opportunity to add a layer of exclusivity in Columbus for the fashion heads that has not been available for in­ store purchase. The idea that brands that are predominately available in uber exclusive stores such as Union Los Angeles or Kith could soon be on the shelves on High St is a major game changer. The Madison team is creating a cultural hub that will continue to educate and provide consumers with the best of the best street couture products otherwise only available via online hypebeasting. The genuine interest in helping the city grow alongside the long standing store fronts is a great thing to see from High St's newest family members." 

"There is serious momentum rolling into Summer 2018. Madison USA is going to play a big role in shedding a new light on whats to come, salute."


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