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Sporty –– & –– Rich

With the second month of 2020 already kicking off, the Madison-USA team is elated to welcome Sporty & Rich into our store. The New York-based lifestyle brand Sporty & Rich was founded in 2015 by the former creative lead for KITH Womens now turned brand consultant Emily Oberg. She aims to bring sustainability, thoughtful design and an emphasis on longevity over momentary relevance to the streetwear realm.



Health –– & –– Wellness

Sporty & Rich targets both men and women who appreciate a pleasing design and reliable quality. The brand attracts those who have a fondness for sportswear, vintage cars, beautiful interiors, and romantics. Oberg’s visual passion can be spotted via the beautifully curated Sporty & Rich Instagram page. This modern online gallery allows one to conjure a dreamlike lifestyle of seaside holidays, modern but comfortable scenes, and consciously selected pieces for each setting.  

Oberg envisions opening up luxury health clubs around the world in the near future. Tied to the brands ethos, these clubs will have a focus on personalized health, nutrition, skincare, beauty, recovery, fitness and longevity. 



The –– World –– & –– Mind

The products of Sporty & Rich are all produced through fair trade and are locally made in the United States (Los Angeles, CA). All products are environmentally conscious as this brand has a keen focus on minimal waste. Oberg has hand-picked the manufacturers that are devoted to sustainability and that pay fair wages. As an additional means to obtain the goal of reducing her environmental footprint, the Sporty & Rich collections are sold on a made-to-order basis. 



Madison – USA

Sporty & Rich is currently available in-store at our location. Stay up to date for future collections on the Madison-USA Instagram page. 

Author: Devon Pitts


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