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1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III - 004

Hello everyone. My name is Clyde Bennett, and right now I am writing my last entry for a while. First off, thank you all. Thank you for the genuine support and feedback. Thank you for reading what I have to say. When Jarrel came to me about writing this blog, I was confused. Rel had confidence in me. He believed in me. Now, a little over 2 months since my first blog entry, I am writing to you all with confidence, knowing that I can express myself freely and without judgement. I’ve surrounded myself with the right people, and I can see that clearly now. ‘Thank you for walking these 1.3 Miles with me.’ This one is longer than the others, so let’s ride.

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Mental Health Awareness Month

I know, I know, you guys have probably read hundreds of articles on mental health over the last couple of years, but I want to tell you guys my story. Before I came to college, I had people tell me that the transition from high school to college is challenging and everyone goes through it in their own way. For the first 2-3 months of school I felt absolutely amazing, and I was loving every minute of college. I was meeting beautiful people every day and loving my new independent life.

One day, out of nowhere, my mind started going places I did not want it to go. I was having super intrusive thoughts and I could not get them out of my head. Almost all of these thoughts were lies, that did not reflect on me as an individual at all, but it messed with my head greatly. I was literally losing myself. This went on for about a month, until I could not take it anymore. I did what I pray anyone dealing with mental health issues does – I called someone. That someone was my mom. The best mom I could ever ask for. Throughout this whole battle, calling my mom was one of the hardest yet best things I have ever done. For anyone that knows me, you know that I hate appearing weak, and hate having to rely on others, but I really really needed someone at this point in time.

My mom talked with me for a while and we came up with a game plan. I would go to therapy, see a doctor, and continue to stay strong and pray daily. For the next month and a half, I went to sessions and tried various different medicines, but none of them were working. Finally, one did, and I have felt so much better ever since. GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and INNER STRENGTH got me through this tough time.

Most of you guys reading this probably had no idea that I was going through this Freshman year, and that’s part of the reason I write this today. ‘Everyone is battling an inner demon, which is why we must try to treat everyone beautifully.’ You never know what demon someone is fighting.

And shoutout to the people fighting mental health that don’t have a great support system to go to. You guys are the real soldiers in this fight, and my prayers are with you. My dms are open…and if you have my number, text me whenever.

But yeah, that’s all on that. Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Paige, Dante, Gabrielle, David-Hunter-Trey-Dav-Bryce-Myles (you 6 indirectly helped me out by treating me the same and giving me the sense of normality in life). We all go through shit, and that’s part of my shit.

But do not pity me, that is the last thing I have ever wanted. I just wanted to write that little piece, so people see that mental health dodges no one! I was on top of the world for the first 19 years of my life, and probably not the humblest person. This brought me down quick! Praise God though, I’m back.


Midwest Kids 4/13

So, the Midwest Kids pop up was insane. If you missed it, damn. If you made it, hell yeah. The vibes in Madison-USA on this day were outright contagious. I walked in and felt like a million bucks. We had DJ N$ty on the sticks per usual (hardest DJ in Columbus), clothes everywhere, and a full store at all times. Midwest Kids sold out in an hour! You can’t make this stuff up. Wherever you looked, people were smiling, dapping each other up, and taking pictures. ‘It was like a chill networking social with music, fashion, and me.’ The latter of that sentence is the most important part. It was great to see people from all over come out for this event. I have had the privilege of seeing Madison-USA raise the taste level of Columbus first-hand and it is amazing. I’m just glad I am a part of the team. MIDWEST KIDS x MADISON-USA. Shoutout Joey Aich by the way. Good dude right there. Check out his music.

Image: Julie Jackson


Doxa 4/27

Wow. Mandikar White. KING. We at Madison-USA are so proud of you. I’m proud to call you a friend.

For those who do not know, Mandi has a brand called DOXA, and yesterday he had his first pop-up shop at Madison-USA. The store was filled with energy, and packed wall to wall. DOXA sold out! All the clothes were gone! Mandi also dropped his new album, titled Light. Mandikar raps under the name Karma Light. Check him out on Apple Music & Spotify. My favorite songs on the album are Flowers & Chillin’ on the Block. The vibes were once again, contagious.

I’ve had the honor to watch Mandi grow his brand and music from the start, and I can honestly say that he’s increased 10-fold. Mandi is a young entrepreneur and inspires me every day to create and create. Congratulations my brother. MANDIKAR WHITE (Young Creative) x MADISON-USA.


Here are Mandi’s words on the event – “I’m the type of person that believes narrative is everything. I remember about a year and half ago, going on two years, walking into Madison like this store is the best thing that could’ve come out of the old American Apparel. It meant a change in the city’s culture from standard mainstream fashion to a higher level of appreciation for the world of fashion.

So being able to bring my passions full circle within 4 months of launching my brand means the world to me and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

The success of the event has inspired me to do more and more.

Big thanks to everyone who came and supported.”

Lucki Concert 5/5

The Lucki concert definitely lived up to the hype. The show took place at Skully’s in the Short North. Dj N$ty was on the sounds (it was fire per usual), Donyay, and Swoosh God opened up for Lucki. Donyay killed his set, so I have to shout him out. Peep his song Souljah, I really messed with that one. Swoosh God threw down as expected. He came through the store before, and I must say that he is a super down to earth dude. Cool people for sure. Now onto Lucki.

Lucki came out and the crowd started bouncing immediately. The mosh pits were in full affect, and the kids were wilding! Lucki put on a great show, and I can now see why he is one of the hottest up and coming artists. He chilled a little bit after the show. He’s also a super good guy. Shoutout out Lucki for a great show. MADISON-USA x LUCKI x DONYAY x SWOOSH GOD.

Tiger Woods

Okay. Wow. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods won his 15th Major Championship on April 14th, and it brought tears to eyes all over the world. My guy had 5 extreme back surgeries, culminating in a spinal fusion surgery…essentially this guy should not be playing golf ever again. Well he is! And he’s back to winning major championships and Green Jackets!

‘Tiger, you single-handedly are the reason I play golf.’ Without you dominating the golf world in the late 90s, early 2000s, my Dad would probably have never started playing golf, which means I probably wouldn’t have started playing golf. You don’t even know it, but you are a huge reason why my dad and I have the relationship we have. Golf has brought us closer, and I can’t imagine life without it.

Love you Tiger. Congratulations. More majors to come. Our guy is back! Let’s all dawn our red polos this Sunday.

What I’m Listening to

Tame Impala. Yeah, cliché, I know. Kevin Parker recently dropped two singles off of Tame Impala’s upcoming album and they slap, to say the least. Mandikar White says, “Kevin parker sounded like Michael Jackson on that Borderline song”. He might just be on to something! So yeah, I have been listening to a lot of Tame because I am patiently (not) waiting for their new album. A few of my buddies went to Coachella and saw Tame live, and said it was an out-of-body experience (Portal anyone? ). I wanted to see Tame Impala in Nashville on 5/2, but I’m going to settle for Lollapalooza where they headline on Friday ☹

Lyric of the week comes from Rihanna and Drake, on Drake’s song Too Good – “I’m too good to you, im way too good to you. You take my love for granted, I just don’t understand it.”

Song of the week is Kid Cudi!*  by Playboi Carti and Young Nudy.

What I’m Wearing

I’m wearing Madison-USA clothing… no cap. I’m not just saying that because I’m writing under Madison-USA. The clothes we have been putting out is fire. Have you seen? Please go look. The sweats, the new hoodies (got the Shining hoodie in black now also), the racer shirts and racer sweats :0…..OMG I’m excited now. Go check it out here. Check out the other brands too while you’re at it, but yeah, I’m rocking Madison. Just copped some Ksubi jeans in the store– that good Australian denim baby. We also restocked the original Madison-USA logo hoodies and tee-shirts, and also have some new ones. New pieces are dropping every week and the store is getting COMME des GARCONS (CDG) in within the month. ‘Stay locked in so you can cop these pieces when they all become available.’ Follow the store on Instagram @madisonusa.

Also, the Robert Geller and Lululemon collab is fire (Alec Teller??).

What’s Free?

Quote of the week comes from Jarrel Tolbert. He didn’t even notice that I typed what he said to me in my notes, but it stuck with me. Jarrel said, “The free stuff always comes with the biggest cost.” Amazing. I’m going to let the reader come up with their own interpretation on that, but the way I took that is, although there is no monetary payment associated with free things, you best believe someone is paying in some way. Big bro came clutch on the quote.

My Plans for the Summer

I should have a fun, yet productive Summer ahead of me. I will spend 10 weeks of it interning. I’ll golf a couple times a week, along with working out 3-4 times a week. I’m also traveling to Savannah for a few days, going to Lollapalooza, and making frequent trips to Columbus to see my friends. Maybe more, we’ll see.

‘Have a great Summer. This is a great time to reflect, relax, and self-assess.’

The End

Thank you all again. I cannot believe 1.3 Miles gained a following, but I am forever thankful. We might continue these next year, or we might come up with a new creative outlet for me. We shall see. Love you guys. ‘We all have a voice. Let’s use it.’


Let me know how you guys feel about 1.3 Miles 004. Text me, IG message me, tweet at me, however. I appreciate it all, good or bad.

Instagram: @ clydebennettiii

Twitter: @ Clyde_Bennett

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