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1.3 Miles with Clyde Bennett III - 003



Welcome to 1.3 Miles 003. I hope you all enjoy this one! 1.3 Miles 002 got into the top 10% of all Shopify blog posts. Most clothing stores use Shopify, so that was a dope accomplishment. Obviously, I couldn’t have done that without the support of the readers, so I want to thank you all. ‘After reading this, I ask that you send this blog to someone that would not normally read it’. Okay, let’s get after it.


Now that I have written two pieces of 1.3 Miles, I have found a new ‘why’. Why do I use up my free time to write blogs on Madison-USA? Well, I still write because of the genuine relationships I have formed at Madison, the beautiful store layout, and the fashion, ‘but I also write so that others feel more confident in utilizing their voice’. It is important for me to show others, especially younger kids, that you can say what is on your mind freely. There is never going to be a time where everyone agrees with what you have to say, but if you eloquently state your point of view, people will at least understand. I want people to understand me, and what I am writing. The gap between people is not racial, religious based, or ethical – the gap between people is a lack of understanding between each other. Someone may hate a Muslim man due to his faith, but in actuality, they just do not understand where this person has come from, and what has made him into the Muslim man he is today.

So yes, I write so people can see what you can do with your voice. I am 20 years old, have 2800 followers on Instagram, and I go to OSU. In other words, I am in no way special or higher than anyone else. All I’m doing is using my voice and hoping that people relate to something I say. Thankfully, a few people have, and I appreciate that (you all’s feedback means everything to me - keep texting, messaging, and telling me your thoughts on my pieces).

Spring Break

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. Snapchat and Instagram stories made me feel as if I was everywhere at once, especially Fort Lauderdale.

My Spring Break looked a bit different from the average college student’s. I went to Miami, Florida…with my Dad. My dad and I went on a golf trip and had a blast. I found that many times when I am home from school, I spend more time with my friends, than I do with my Mom and Dad (the people that got me to where I am today). After coming to this realization and realizing that I was exhausted from the life of an Ohio State student (grind in Thompson, party, repeat), I decided to go on a golf trip with my dad. We played some cool golf courses, including the Doral Blue Monster. I didn’t play my best golf ever, but I had a great time with Clyde Bennett II. I used Spring Break as a time to cleanse my mind and body. And rest.


Everything at the store is going well. Definitely come through and check it out. We just got new clothing from Full Court Press, and ‘Reed Cart’ just walked by me in the library and said she wants a Madison hoodie. My day is made and yours should too.

There will also be a pop-up shop at Madison-USA with Midwest Kids on April 13th. This is a super dope brand. Kanye’s past stylist created it, and it is fire. Definitely come check it out.

Also, to reiterate just how genuine the relationship is between myself and Madison-USA – I got paid the other day and did not even notice. I didn’t have the day set in my head when I was getting paid, because I don’t feel like I am working when I am here. I’m just vibing. I can only hope that when I graduate, I have a job that makes me feel this way.

Something to Think About

While on the plane the other day, I was thinking. Would I live life the same way if “clout” didn’t exist? Clout is defined as influence or power. Essentially, I asked myself, “would I live life the same way if I did not get recognized or awarded for what I do”. Would I major in finance if it didn’t come with a high percentage chance of getting a good job? Would I write 1.3 Miles if people never gave me positive feedback or read it? Would I buy a certain piece of clothing if I knew people wouldn’t know it was a name brand piece? This topic piqued my interest, so I wanted to see what you guys thought about this. Let me know in my dm.

For me personally, I would live the same. I have always focused on following my heart whether it pertains to love, job choices, school choices, friends’ choices, all choices. Follow your heart.

What I’m Listening to

Okay, I am waiting patiently (not really) on Lil Uzi’s new album Eternal Atake. It has been months and months since we have heard new music from Uzi, and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like something is missing from my life…that thing is music from Lil Uzi Vert. With news coming that Uzi is now a part of Roc Nation, it seems that he may drop new music soon. Therefore, I have been blasting Uzi the past two weeks. Lyric of the week comes from Lil Uzi Vert’s song Paradise,” Yeah, paradise yeah it’s somewhere that I’ve never been before – Yeah, I just wanna be there when I wake up – Like you better with no makeup” Wow.

Okay…..I wrote this paragraph like 3 hours before Uzi dropped a new song titled Free Uzi. It’s lit! Our man is back!

I have also been playing a steady dose of Jxhlani’s album, 0122. This guy is a Columbus native and his music slaps, check it out.

I would also love to give a shoutout to my two of my oldest friends Caleb Swope (46swo) and Ethan Ellis ($eptember). They both dropped their first music videos and they are legit! Check them out on Instagram. I absolutely love seeing my friends pursue their creative interests, whether that’s acting, music, science, etc. It’s beautiful and I’ll continue to support y’all!

Also, who else misses Bieber. I do.

Nipsey Hussle

First off, prayers to Nipsey’s family and friends. For those that don’t know, Nipsey Hussle, a prominent rapper, was shot and killed at age 33 this past Sunday. To make matters worse, he was killed in front of the store that he had built in the heart of LA on West Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Nipsey was doing great things for his community in California. Countless things. This store was one of them.

Right now I’d like to pray for Lauren London, Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend, and their children: “Dear God, please give Ms.London and her kids strength during this tough time. Give Lauren the peace of mind to continue to be strong for her children. Also, please help us stop the unnecessary gun violence. In Jesus name, amen.”


Stay in touch with me. Let me know what you think about 003. 004 is coming within the month, and that will be the last one for a while. Don’t forget to send this piece to someone that would not normally read it!

Instagram: @clydebennettiii

Twitter: @Clyde_Bennett

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